Former U.S. Rep. Ron McNally dies at 92

LAS VEGAS — Former U.N. ambassador Ron McNallen, 82, died Thursday, a spokesperson for the U.K.-based charity he founded said.

McNallen was hospitalized in May for pancreatic cancer, his spokeswoman said.

He was survived by his wife of 40 years, Joanna McNallan, and their two children.

The retired diplomat served as U.NAIDS’ deputy secretary-general and as a special envoy to South Sudan and Eritrea, where the U,N.

has been engaged in peace talks.

He had been diagnosed with pancreatic carcinoma in 2015.

Mcnallen worked as the U:N.

High Commissioner for Human Rights from 1991 to 2001.

He served as deputy U.R.H. secretary-generalship under former U.H., the U., and then-president George W. Bush.

He also served as a U.U.N.-HRC special envoy from 2001 to 2005.

McNally’s daughter, Joanne McNallon, said his death was a surprise.

She said he was an incredibly caring and compassionate man and was deeply loved by all he met.

“He was one of the greatest diplomats I ever knew, and the world will miss him greatly,” she said.

“He will be greatly missed.”

McDonell, who served in the U-N.

from 1983 to 1992, was also the first U.UN ambassador to visit Russia in 1991.

He is survived by four children and grandchildren.

He was also known for his work as a humanitarian and humanitarian advocate, including a 2012 U.A.E. video that showed him rescuing a young girl from a collapsing building in Darfur.

He served as special envoy for South Sudan in 2009-10, when the UN. called on South Sudan to end the six-year civil war.

In 2011, McNallens office was attacked by a group of anti-U.S., anti-Israel protesters who broke into the building where he was hosting a meeting of U. n. and U. African leaders.

The protesters set fire to the building and sprayed firecrackers, police said.

U.R., which has an office in Washington, D.C., has a program called the “Don’t Let My Mom Die” program that aims to help people who are in danger.

The McNallenes are survived by Joanne and a son, John.

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