Why Republicans should worry about Trump’s health: What’s the truth?

Republicans have always had a tendency to treat health issues as if they’re some kind of partisan liability, and Donald Trump has a history of being one of those things.

But his diagnosis and treatment of his illness and the controversy surrounding it have made this all the more significant.

It is, in fact, something of a public health emergency.

There are already more than 10,000 Americans with pre-existing conditions, many of whom may have been affected by the president’s decision to rescind his order temporarily barring people from six Muslim-majority countries.

So it was important for Republicans to keep the pressure on Trump and his aides to get to the bottom of this.

There is no evidence that Trump has made the health situation any worse.

On the contrary, he has gotten better, according to experts.

And if Republicans can keep the heat on the administration and the Trump administration, they will see that this is no longer an issue of partisan politics. 

Read more: The Post’s Jonathan Capehart explains how to stop Trump’s tweets.

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