How will the future of the food truck industry look with the passage of the new WSSU Dining Hall Act?

Wells and Taylor have announced that they will close the doors to the new Taylor and Wells Restaurant on campus.

Taylor and wells, which opened in 2013, is a family owned restaurant with locations in downtown Houston and the San Antonio area.

The restaurant, which was owned by the Harris family, closed on March 31.

Taylor’s parent company, the Lubbock-based Houston-based Texaco, announced in March that it would move its corporate headquarters from Texas to Mexico.

The decision was made after a long period of searching for a new home for the restaurant.

A spokeswoman for Taylor said in a statement to the Houston Chronicle that the company has “a long-term commitment to the city of Houston.”

The restaurant has been the subject of many rumors in the community and has drawn the ire of local residents, including former Harris and Taylor employees.

Taylor said that it was made “difficult” by the recent election results, and that its goal is to stay open for the next year and a half, which is what the company hopes for.

It also said it is “looking to expand our footprint in the city, particularly with the Texas A&M campus coming to the area.”

Taylor’s decision came as a result of the city’s passage of legislation that requires food trucks to pay a fee to the state of Texas for permits to operate in the state.

The legislation passed on March 23.

The bill will be considered by the Texas Senate later this year.

The new legislation allows for food trucks that do not operate on private property to apply for a permit and has sparked criticism from businesses that say it is discriminatory and will only increase the cost of doing business.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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