Which is the best fountain dining restaurant in the UK?

A new guide to the best dining establishments in the country by Restaurant and Bar Association, has found that the UK is home to some of the best eateries in the world.

The RBA has compiled a list of the most popular dining venues in the nation, and has ranked them according to their dining experiences, quality and prices.

We are looking at the best restaurant in each of the five UK regions and the number of customers it serves, according to its online results.

The rankings are based on how many people were sampled and how much food and drink were served per person.

We found that in some cases, there was more than one Michelin star restaurant in one region.

However, for the sake of brevity we’ve only listed the most highly rated Michelin stars in one area, which is a good way of categorising the best restaurants in the entire UK.

The most popular restaurants are:The best Michelin-star restaurants in England and Wales1) The Gourmet Grill, Liverpool2) The Vittoria, London3) The Loo, Glasgow4) The Cheesecake Factory, Newcastle5) The Spotted Cow, Bristol6) The Strictly, London7) The Black Cat, Edinburgh8) The Restaurant in the Park, Cardiff9) The Favourite Spot, Newcastle10) The Big Spot, Sheffield11) The Bar, Brighton12) The Fish Shop, Manchester13) The Bluebird, Leeds14) The Biergarten, London15) The O’Clock Cafe, Newcastle16) The Ritz, Birmingham17) The Dining Room, London18) The KFC, Birmingham19) The Shrub, Birmingham20) The Coffee Shop, Liverpool21) The Sausage House, Glasgow22) The Little Pig, Liverpool23) The Cattle Show, Bristol24) The Red Lion, London25) The Pearly Gates, Birmingham26) The Tandoori, Liverpool27) The Grange, Newcastle28) The The Grub, Liverpool29) The Green Dragon, London30) The Market, Leeds31) The Waffle House, Manchester32) The Grill, Leeds33) The Cafe, London34) The Chippy, Liverpool35) The Cocktail Bar, Newcastle36) The Café, Leeds37) The Kitchen, Birmingham38) The Table, Glasgow39) The Chicken House, Leeds40) The Steakhouse, Liverpool41) The Oyster Bar, Liverpool42) The BBQ, Leeds43) The Meat and Potatoes, Leeds44) The Smokehouse, London45) The Car Park, Glasgow46) The Tap, Liverpool47) The Lounge, London48) The Burger King, Newcastle49) The Pizza Bar, Birmingham50) The Curry House, Liverpool51) The Chipotle Grill, Manchester52) The Sports Bar, London53) The Tavern, Leeds54) The Popcorn Bar, Cardiff55) The Leisure Bar, Leeds56) The Ice Cream Shop, Glasgow57) The Tea House, Newcastle58) The Golf Club, Bristol59) The Piccadilly Lounge, Newcastle60) The Watermill, Newcastle61) The Pub, Birmingham62) The Old Trafford, Manchester63) The Royal Docks, Manchester64) The Club, Liverpool65) The High Roller, London66) The Boathouse, Manchester67) The Spa, Manchester68) The Wine Bar, Manchester69) The House, Birmingham70) The Hotel, London71) The Night Club, Manchester72) The Gym, Liverpool73) The Music Hall, Liverpool74) The Zoo, Liverpool75) The Garage, Liverpool76) The Theatre, London77) The Fitness Centre, London78) The Beach Club, Brighton79) The Bathhouse, Brighton80) The Hotels, London81) The Great Ocean Road, London82) The City, London83) The National Gallery, London84) The Science Centre, Liverpool85) The Museum of London, London86) The Opera House, London87) The Arts House, Bristol88) The Garden, Brighton89) The Grand Canal, London90) The Art Gallery, Bristol91) The Church of St John the Baptist, London92) The Tower of London National Gallery and Tate, London93) The London Eye, London94) The Queen’s Park, London95) The Tate Modern, London96) The Globe, London97) The Barbican, London98) The Leicester Square Theatre, Manchester99) The Shard, London100) The Victoria and Albert Museum, London101) The Westminster Abbey, London102) The Edinburgh Festival Hall, Edinburgh103) The Festival Pier, Edinburgh104) The Olympic Park, Scotland105) The Palace Theatre, Edinburgh106) The Millennium Dome, London107) The Canary Wharf, London108) The Southbank, London109) The Emirates Arena, Dubai110) The Sydney Opera House and Sydney Opera Centre, Australia111) The Crystal Palace

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