How to install a modern dining room at a college dorm

There’s a new modern dining option in town: a college room that can accommodate up to six people.

The idea is to offer a mix of modern and traditional dining options, with some added modern touches, like an air-conditioned kitchen.

The room has been installed at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

The kitchen was built by an Australian company called Technion, and the dining room itself is built by the UMass Boston office.

Technion has built the dining rooms for the University’s various colleges.

The university is not charging for the space, but the company is not required to build them.

The college has said that it is working on a menu of other new options, including some that would be more accessible to students.

The dining room also serves as a meeting space, and a conference room, and can be used for weddings and receptions.

The menu at UMass Amher St has been redesigned, and it’s now called the “modern dining hall.”

Here’s a look at the menu.

Here’s an interactive tour.

[The Washington Post]

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