How to be a bad, bad mom: The 5 worst mothers

Posted by IGN Entertainment on Thursday, February 27, 2018 06:03:50What makes a good mom?

How does a mother fare in her son’s life?

In this installment of The 5 Worst Mothers, we delve into all of that and more.

Read more on IGN: 5 Worst Mothering Mistakes That Have Been Made by Moms and DadsRead moreOn this episode of IGN Parents, host and former IGN Entertainment Editor-in-Chief Emily Bazelon, host Eric Wareheim, and former Entertainment Editor James Robinson discuss:•The importance of motherhood in raising a son, and what it takes to raise a man•Why moms tend to be more successful in the workplace than dads•The role of fatherhood in kids’ development•How fathers and moms cope with divorce, separation, and remarriage•How to be an ideal father, not just a good one•The power of a father-daughter relationship, and how a child can grow up in the spotlight•The difference between being a “good” dad and a “great” dad•How parenting influences the rest of the family’s lives•How men’s experiences in life have shaped our expectations for them and how they are impacting our childrens’ lives•The best ways to raise children in a world that’s changing•A father’s place in the family, and the role of women in the home•The benefits of a long-term relationship with your own childrenYou can also subscribe to the IGN Parents Podcast here:If you liked this article, be sure to check out our IGN Kids podcast!

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