Dining Hall at the Center for the Performing Arts is to be shut down

The new dining hall at the center for the performing arts will close in February, after more than 30 years in operation.

The center will become a community space for students, staff, faculty and students who live, work or study at the school.

The closure comes less than two months after the center opened in April.

The decision is expected to save the center about $100,000 a year.

“The center has been a great asset to our community,” said Carol Lassiter, the center’s director, in a statement.

“We appreciate its close relationships with the community, its dedication to the arts, its staff, and its students.”

The center’s new owner, an independent group called the Center For Creative Technology, is expected at the end of the year to announce plans to reopen the center.

It was a small venue for theater productions and concerts, but it has become a hub for students in the arts.

It hosted performances from bands including the Roots, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

The new owners plan to reopen it in early 2019, and a date has not yet been set.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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