How much does it cost to go to a full-service restaurant at an Asian American institution of higher learning?

The answer depends on the location.

The average cost per person for a meal at a full service restaurant is around $150, according to data from Restaurant Brands Group, which compiled the data from survey results.

This number includes the cost of an entree, and an additional $10 per person per table.

For an entrant, the cost per table will vary depending on the type of meal the eatery serves.

For example, the average price for a sushi platter at a sushi bar would be around $90, while a sushi meal at an Indian restaurant would cost $125.

The cheapest meal at the restaurant might cost $50 per person.

The average cost of a meal for an Asian ethnic eatery is around 15% more than the average cost for a white ethnic eateries.

The typical cost for an entrée at an upscale Asian restaurant is over 30% more expensive than the typical cost of the same entrée in a typical American restaurant.

The cheapest meal of the day is the most expensive meal at many restaurants.

The median cost for two entrees at an American restaurant is $80, while the median cost of two entree at a Japanese restaurant is nearly $70.

The most expensive dish for two entrés at a Chinese restaurant is almost $70 per person, while an entré at a Thai restaurant is just under $70 for two.

The priciest meal of day is $100 per person at most Asian restaurants, while at a majority of restaurants the average is $50.

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