Which restaurant will open next year?


— It’s a Sunday afternoon in August, and an 18-year-old man is standing in the parking lot of the Duncan County Fairgrounds, looking around, trying to decide if he wants to hit up the diner that serves food at the fairgrounds.

The diner is a place that has become a magnet for people looking for a good bite.

“It’s not a fancy place, it’s a little quirky,” said Mark Kostner, who works at a nearby restaurant and regularly stops by the diner.

There are only two or three people in line, but they all know the name of the diner and are regulars.

They are regulars because they love it.

It was the first place that Kostfer came to visit after his parents died, and the first time he and his sister went for a meal.

At the time, they weren’t sure what to expect, but when they walked in, they fell in love with the atmosphere, Kostener said.

He’s always been a big fan of the restaurant, which serves meals from around the country, and it is now owned by the Kosters.

Kostner said that after his father died, he was shocked when the restaurant changed its name to Duncan.

When the family started looking for the right name, the Kopsers found a restaurant that had been serving food at a fairgrounds in the 1970s and 1980s.

It was the same diner where the Kampsons had grown up.

The family now has three children, two of whom have worked at the diner, Kopner said.

And their love of the business has been shared by their three young daughters.

After the family moved into the house in 2004, they started to open their own restaurant, and they also started a family business, Koster said.

The Kopser family owns the diner but the rest of the time they keep their own business.

Kopner is a full-time restaurant owner, and his wife, Lisa, is a waitress, too.

The couple is a regular at the restaurant.

Lisa Kostrer, who is also the president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 822, is also a frequent customer.

One of the things that made the family so passionate about this restaurant was that they were a part of it.

They were a family, they were family owners, and now that the business is gone, they’re looking forward to seeing it grow,” Lisa Kopners said.

Kostfer said that his sister and mother loved the diner as well.

They came to stay every day for their whole lives, and for a couple of years they stayed there as well, he said.”

They were a very proud family and they wanted to stay close to that community,” Kosterners sister said.

When they opened the diner they had a reputation for being the first restaurant to serve burgers, fries and chips.

They also had a variety of items, including macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, steak, sausage, pizza and pasta, Kotner said, adding that they also have the restaurant’s signature burgers.”

It was a good restaurant.

You have macaronios and cheese with a salad.””

You get a burger with a sauce, fries, macaronis and cheese.

You have macaronios and cheese with a salad.”

Kosterner said he’s been a customer for over 25 years.

Koster said that he and Lisa were always very busy, but now that they are out of the kitchen, the couple is more relaxed, and he said that they will enjoy visiting the restaurant more.

“We are enjoying it more because it’s the same food every day, but you have to try something new,” Lisa said.

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