‘We are very happy’: The New Zealand dining halls have been ‘extremely grateful’ for the ‘massive amount of support’ from NZ readers

We are very, very happy that New Zealand readers have taken the time to send us feedback on this article, we are very grateful to everyone for their feedback.

We appreciate your feedback, and want to respond in detail to your comments and questions.

This is a very busy week for us, so it will take a while to respond to all of the feedback.

In the meantime, please take the time and please share this article and share with others who may be interested.

Thank you.

Posted by The New ZEALAND Dining Hall Association on Monday, December 23, 2019 13:21:03Thank you all for your feedback!

As you can see, we have received an overwhelming response from readers.

We have received emails from Auckland, Dunedin, Christchurch, Christ-Carteret, and Wellington, and some people have even sent us messages from New Zealand.

We are extremely grateful to all our readers for their messages of support, and are looking forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks.

As you may have noticed, we had to temporarily shut down our online presence for the holidays due to an unexpected technical issue, so we are looking to restart soon.

However, please be patient as we do not have all the answers yet.

We will be updating this blog with all of our latest news, and will continue to update you on our progress and our new restaurant openings.

We know we will continue updating our Facebook page and Instagram, and you will also be able to follow us on Twitter.

We look forward to sharing more exciting news with you in coming weeks and months.

Regards,The New Zealand Dining Halls AssociationWe have posted a response to your email.

We understand your disappointment with the closure of our Facebook and Instagram pages.

The closure of social media has been an ongoing issue with us, as has our decision to temporarily shutter our website and blog.

We also understand the need to update our website as we are adding new restaurants, as well as adding new seating and dining rooms.

We realise that some of you have asked for a clarification on what happens when you go to an online restaurant and a guest book is not available.

Our response is simple: you book online at your own risk.

We do not recommend that guests book in person or by phone, as we would be unable to ensure the safety of guests and our staff.

The New York State Department of Consumer Affairs has confirmed that the new Restaurant Guide Book will be issued to all restaurants that have been approved for a New York Restaurant Guide and will be available for anyone to download, and print.

We do not know the number of restaurants in New York that have the new New York Restaurants Guide Book.

We apologise if we have disappointed you.

As we have said before, we do have a new restaurant opening on the horizon, and we have an exciting new dining area opening soon!

Stay tuned.

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