Why the Samsung Smart TVs don’t play the K-dramas on their own, but are instead linked to a game app

A lot of people are still using their Samsung Smart TV as their primary home entertainment system, which is great.

But the smart TV’s built-in game apps are mostly useless without access to the built-ins that play the original Korean dramas.

The Samsung Smart tv doesn’t support the Korean dramas, and doesn’t offer the built in apps for them to play on the TV.

If you have access to those apps, you can play them on your own TV, but you’ll need to be using a dedicated Samsung Smart app to do so.

If the Korean drama is on the Netflix app, you’ll have to open that app to access the full TV experience, which may be inconvenient.

The K-Drama TV app lets you watch Korean dramas with other apps on your TV.

But for a smart TV that is linked to an app, there’s no way to connect your TV to Netflix, and there’s also no way for the K drama TV app to connect to your phone.

This is frustrating for a number of reasons.

For one, the K Drama TV app isn’t even in the Samsung app store, so it can’t be used to play K-scenes on your phone, or vice versa.

You’ll also need to manually install an app if you’re using a Samsung Smart phone to use the K TV app.

It’s not really clear how these problems will be fixed for the TV when the Samsung TV finally ships, or if any other Korean TV owners will even be able to play the full K-videos from the K Drama TV apps.

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