How to get an Irish-themed meal at liberty dining halls

The best restaurants in Dublin are now serving up a new menu to help patrons cope with the festive season.

Liberty dining halls in Cork and Galway will now offer an Irish themed menu, including items from the Irish Food Festival of Ireland (IFFI) which is being held at the National College of Ireland in the city this week.

Liberty’s ‘Garden of Love’ menu item will feature items from both the IFFI and the Garden of Ireland, including a salad and a dessert, along with a selection of Irish-style drinks, including gin, vodka, and whisky.

The IFFI is a global festival for people of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate food, culture and community in Ireland.

It was created in 2005 and was a major success.

The IFFEI’s festival is held annually at the Northern Ireland Convention Centre in Dublin and is the biggest food and drink event in the country.

The event attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year, with thousands of food and drinks sold.

“We are delighted to be able to celebrate the festival in Cork with a new culinary menu which will give Corkans a taste of the festival, while supporting the local food economy,” said Eileen O’Sullivan, general manager of Liberty Restaurants.

“Liberty is a unique restaurant that takes great pride in its Irish heritage and is very proud to partner with the Garden Of Ireland.”

Liberty also recently opened its first Irish restaurant, a food hall in Galway, which is now open for business.

We are also working with the Galway City Council to create a unique and engaging Irish restaurant in Cork.

The gardens in Cork will also feature the garden of the city’s oldest surviving gardener, Charles Kelly, who has since passed away.

Kelly will be the subject of an Irish book and exhibition at Liberty in Cork, which will highlight his legacy.

A new restaurant, the garden in the south of the capital, will also open this year.

Both restaurants will feature Irish-influenced menus including traditional Irish cuisine and an extensive selection of seasonal items.

Liberity is offering more than 250 menu items in Cork this year, including Irish classics such as burgers, burgers and more.

For more information on Liberty, please visit

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