What you need to know about the food at akers

Akers, the Danish restaurant chain that specializes in premium dining in Copenhagen, is under fire for what some are calling a sexist policy of dining at women-only dining rooms.

According to a statement posted to Akers’ Facebook page, the company has a policy of “not discriminating on the basis of gender.”

“Aker has a very strong commitment to diversity and inclusion,” the statement reads.

“In recent years, we have begun to address this by creating a number of opportunities for women and men to join our team and work together.

Aker is committed to making its restaurants as welcoming as possible for everyone.”

However, Akers CEO Johan Aker told The Local that he would be “disappointed” if he was criticized for his company’s “feminist approach.”

“We are committed to gender equality, and we have a very strict policy of not discriminating on a person’s gender.

That’s our position,” Aker said.

“It’s not that I’m against women, I’m very happy for women.

But I would be very disappointed if I was criticised for it.”

Akers has been criticized for its policy of excluding women from its restaurants in the past, as well as for being too conservative in how it treats women.

In June, Aker published a “feminism manifesto” in which it criticized feminism for being a “reactionary” and “repetitive” movement.

The statement, which was published on the social network’s news page, also claimed that women should be allowed to be the ones to decide whether a company is a “team” or “sport” restaurant.

Akers is one of the largest Danish restaurants, with an estimated 20,000 seats and a staff of more than 3,000.

It is located on the corner of a shopping street in the northern city of Aarhus.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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