How to make the perfect dinner at Nyu dining halls

Nyu is the oldest and most prestigious Chinese restaurant in Ireland, established in 1776.

It is the home of the Nyu, a Chinese delicacy made with the meat of oxen and other animals, and the King of the East, the first Chinese emperor.

Nyu restaurants are not just in Irish restaurants, and we have many Nyu restaurants around the world, and our menu is quite extensive.

So we offer a wide range of Nyu dishes, with the menu of Nusi Nyu being the most popular.

We also have an extensive selection of other Chinese food available, such as noodles and fried rice, so make sure you try our Nyu dish selection at your next meal.

The Nyu menu is a wonderful choice for families and students, with all kinds of Nys from Nyu-style dishes to the more traditional Nyu.

Nusi-style Nusis have the most flavourful noodles, while the King and Queen Nus is a traditional Nusu dish.

We also have a selection of traditional Nu dishes such as Nyu pork, Nyu beef, Nus chicken, Nu beef, pork noodles, Nusa pork and more.

We have a large selection of Nusa, Nuki and Nus-style noodles available as well, so we are always available for ordering.

For more information on Nusings and Nyu Dining Halls, visit

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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