‘The ‘bamboo’ table’, ‘the world’s cheapest’

It may be a table, but the “bamboo” one is certainly not cheap.

A $40 “buddha” table, dubbed the world’s “cheapest” by the owner of the “Buddha Table” in New York’s Chinatown, is reportedly among the cheapest, making it the world ‘buddhist’ world’s most expensive item.

The Buddha Table is being sold on eBay, priced at $40,000, with the listing asking “Who will buy this?”

It has not been verified by the seller.

“We are the world” This “bindu” table was reportedly purchased for the “World Buddha House” in India, which is being converted into a Buddhist temple.

The owner, Karmali Raj, is a “buddhist, a yogi and a Buddhist monk,” according to the listing.

The listing says the Buddha Table has been “recycled” and has a “beautiful bamboo floor.”

The table is in “perfect condition,” according the seller, with “no stains, cracks, scratches or blemishes.”

The listing claims that the Buddha table is “in good shape” and is “absolutely beautiful.”

It also has a large photo of the Buddha on the back, along with the name of the Buddhist temple where it is said to have been bought.

The “bana” is a Buddhist term for water, which may explain why the table’s description has a picture of a water-filled Buddha, a Hindu deity.

It is not clear if the Buddha is actually in the photo, or if it is just a picture that the seller has taken.

The list of items sold on the listing includes a “Bindu” rug, a “noodle stool” with a “cute” bowl on it, a Buddhist altar cloth, a Buddha mirror, and a “prayer book.”

The Buddha is also pictured on a necklace with the words “Bajaj” in Sanskrit.

The seller claims that “the Buddha is a very important Buddhist icon and symbol, which was revered by the Chinese, Tibetans, Buddhists, Hindus, and many other religions in Asia and beyond.

The Tibetan Buddhist community and many of the Buddhists around the world also follow a different faith, but share the same beliefs about the Buddha.”

The “Bamboo” table has yet to be shown off, but it will probably be a great way to “celebrate” the Dalai Lama’s 90th birthday.

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