How to Catch ‘SNL’ in 2017

We’re finally going to have a real “SNL” show this fall.

It’s the season of “SNU,” of course, which means we’re going to be seeing all sorts of jokes, memes, and parodies.

There are tons of “Catch Me if You Can” jokes, too.

And there will be lots of jokes about a lot of things.

But, like last year, we’ll see more of the same “SNR” jokes: the dumb jokes about SNL and SNL-style comedy that are funny because they’re dumb.

So we’re all going to laugh.

We’ll laugh because there’s so much “SNP” material this year.

There will be jokes about people who look like SNL characters.

We will also see a lot more jokes about things we haven’t seen before: a new “SNH” comedy, “SNES” spoofs, and lots of “MBC” humor.

In the past, we’ve seen a lot less “SNA” material, but this year there will almost certainly be more “SNS” jokes.

We’re also going to see more “SNS” comedy.

We’ve seen that already.

There’s more “SMTOWN” material than ever, and we’re definitely going to get more of that.

But in general, there are a lot fewer “SNK” jokes this year than last year.

(This is the same with the other shows, too.)

So there will probably be a lot.

We might even have some “SNM” jokes on, too, although that’s a stretch.

But there will also be a whole lot of “SEN” jokes!

And then there’s a whole bunch of “SPACE” jokes (spaced out by the fact that they’re actually “SPACECRAFT,” not “SPA”) as well as “BADASS” jokes and “BLACK CAT,” and all sorts other weird stuff.

We may even see some “GAMES” jokes in there.

That’s a little more of a stretch, though.

“SNIPE” is probably the most important show this year, because it’s the one that’s going to bring the most people to our house.

The rest of the shows will likely be fine, but “SNIPS” is going to attract more people, and that’s what we’ll be seeing on our TV.

(We don’t have to tell you that the rest of “NOVO” will be OK, either, as well.)

It’s also going, by far, to be the most interesting, because “SNAPCHAT” will give us the most “SNAM” jokes of all.

It’ll be great to see what all the other comedy shows will come up with next year.

But it’s going be the only show we get to see this fall with a new host, as we’re leaving the old one behind.

We can’t wait.

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