When is Princeton dining hall’s new restaurant opening?

On Thursday, Princeton University announced plans to open a new dining hall to serve students from around the world.

The new restaurant, which will be located in the new dining halls space, will open in 2018, and will be open for students to eat and work at.

The restaurant will also offer a number of other services, including dining rooms for faculty and staff, a lounge, and a coffee bar.

The dining hall will be part of the Princeton Union, which has been a center of academic excellence for decades.

The dining hall was designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, and was designed to be a welcoming space for students from all walks of life.

Its original name was the Princeton House of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The current name is Princeton Union.

A press release announcing the dining hall said that students and staff will be welcome to live and work in the Princeton dining halls campus-wide.

The press release said that the new restaurant will be a “social and interactive space that allows students and faculty to interact with one another in a comfortable, welcoming environment.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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