‘Medieval’ dining hall opens at the University of Colorado

Denver, CO—(Marketwired)— The University of Denver has opened its first restaurant themed around the Renaissance period.

The Medieval dining hall will open to the public at the new building next to the U of D campus, located at 821 West 20th Street in the city’s northwest.

The building is currently undergoing renovations to make it a more modern space with more modern furnishings, seating, and a larger indoor seating area.

“Medieval is a great concept to bring this medieval experience to a building like the U. of D, which is always in the spotlight in the culinary industry,” said Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Provost of the University David Bierman.

“It gives the students a place to meet, learn, and be entertained by great history, but also a place where they can feel the power of the Renaissance.”

The restaurant will offer a variety of menus including traditional dishes, contemporary Italian, and Greek cuisine.

“Our dining halls were the places that taught us to eat, and now they’re our teaching places,” said Biermann.

“The medieval food in this building is fresh and unique, and it’s exciting to see how students can take their culinary skills and their food education to the next level.”

The first of two restaurants, which will serve traditional and contemporary cuisine, will open in January 2019.

“Medieval” will offer food from the UO’s own collections, such as pottery, furniture, and silverware.

It will also feature a food truck that will be used to serve up freshly prepared food, along with a live music and DJ set.

The UO is currently planning a food and wine program.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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