What Happened To The ‘Hangover’ of the Deadlift? Now What?

Vice News’ Adam Gopnik sat down with the owners of the deadlift bar at the first ever Comstock dining room.

The owner, Matt Baranowsky, explains what happened after the deadlifts moved out of the bar, and what he’s doing to make sure they never happen again.

The Deadlift Bar’s new owners are hoping to make it their home again.

Matt Barreowsky of the Comstock Deadlift says they’re working to find a way to make Comstock their home.

Matt Barreowski: This bar is really, really, great.

I’ve been in the deadlifting industry for 25 years, and I’ve seen the biggest thing change in the past five years is the dead lift bar.

Now there’s a lot of competition and people who are more experienced and they’re better than us, they’re more focused.

And they have more training.

So I think we have to do a lot to keep that bar the same and we have a lot more training in the industry to make that happen.

We have been talking about the deadlifters, and the thing that we’re seeing more and more is the popularity of the lift, the amount of training and the ability of the athletes to get better.

And I think that’s something that the industry is looking for.

So we have an opportunity to make this a really successful restaurant.

We can do something for the people who want to eat here, the people that are not as familiar with the sport of deadlifting as the sport itself.

Matt: So what do you think the dead lifts are doing right now?

Matt: I think it’s just sort of a trend, really.

It’s a pretty good trend.

The trend that is coming into focus is that people want to be more athletic.

So people are going to train more, they want to become more strong, and they want that same kind of attitude.

So that is a good trend, and we’ve got to get that right, and then we’ll be able to make some of the best food we’ve ever made here.

Matt [Barreowsky]: It is what it is.

It is going to happen.

It does not change our commitment to make the best restaurant we can, but it does change how we approach things.

And the more we do that, the more the food will be more delicious.

Matt: That’s a great point.

That’s really the only thing I’m interested in is, “Are we making it better for the bar?”

What are the expectations of the customers, and do we have the right level of training, the right equipment, and so on.

And what’s going to be the level of care for the deads?

That’s the big question.

And, “How do we keep the bar safe?”

Are we making sure it’s safe, or do we just take care of it?

Matt: It’s not really up to me, but I have to give it to the bar.

I love the bar and I love working with the barmen.

We’ve got a great relationship.

We’re doing really good business.

Matt [Barrowsky]: We are.

And we have some really good people in there, like Matt [Walsh].

He’s just one of the nicest guys.

I have never seen anybody like him, but he’s really nice.

We talk to him a lot.

Matt has been doing deadlifting for 10 years, he’s the best guy on the bar when you’re talking about training, and his training is pretty good.

It was just kind of a surprise to us.

Matt was just at the gym for about three weeks before we hired him, and he was really enjoying the dead lifting experience.

Matt says he was doing 5-10 reps per set for the first week, and now he’s done about 30-40 reps per workout.

He’s training really hard and I think he’s going in the right direction.

Matt, who is now the owner of Comstock, tells us how he feels about the new owner, what he would change about the bar for a more competitive bar, what we can do to make people feel comfortable in their bar, the new owners attitude towards the dead, and more.

And Matt Barretowsky: This is the only bar I’ve ever worked with that was so well trained and worked really hard.

The bar was well cared for, and all the training was done by the best people in the business.

It just looked and felt great.

Matt Walsh, owner of the other Comstock bar, says it was just like a family.

Matt Walsh: The bar looks fantastic, it’s been great.

You guys were really good about getting it cleaned, and cleaning it properly.

I just really think it looks like a great bar.

Matt Barrowsky, the owner and former owner of another Comstock deadlift, says he is happy with the new bar

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