How to keep your food fresh during rush hour

From March 15 to October 30, the Saskatchewan government is offering free meal plans to residents who are unable to make the long drive to the grocery store.

It’s part of a plan to boost the number of Canadians who are getting their daily meals from the grocery stores and get out of their cars.

The Saskatchewan government says its offering meal plans for anyone who has to get to the mall or hospital in the morning and a free trip to a grocery store to get their groceries from the farmers market.

The government says residents are also eligible to receive a free parking pass.

People who live in Saskatoon, Regina and Regina-Wascana can sign up at

Anyone living outside the metro area is asked to register at the Saskatchewan Department of Health.

To get a meal plan, call 1-800-SaskHealth to get a free sample.

Saskatchewan’s health minister, Dr. Mike Russell, says the province is not trying to discourage people from making the trip.

But, he says, the government is also trying to make sure there are enough staff available.

Russell says residents can choose their own meal plan from the options available online, and can also pick one up at the Saskatoon Farmers Market.

“If you don’t have time to visit, it’s also good to make arrangements with the grocery chain for you to be able to get your groceries there,” Russell said.

“There are some things that are not necessarily available for everyone.

So if you are not able to make that trip and are in need of a snack, there are a few things you can do, and then we’ll try and find a way to make it work.”

Residents can also call the Sask.

Health line at 1-866-222-8283 for a free quote on a mealplan.

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