How to make your own Thanksgiving meal at a college dining hall

A college dining room is a room where you can meet up with your friends for a quick meal, but if you want to cook up a Thanksgiving dinner at home, you’ll need a whole lot of ingredients.

To make a turkey dinner at a local college, I enlisted the help of the students who are hosting my Thanksgiving dinner and I had to use their recipes.

Here are their tips for making Thanksgiving dinner a feast in your own home.


Get the right kind of turkey 1.

The best turkey for Thanksgiving is one that has been smoked, roasted, grilled, and served with mashed potatoes.

While most people think of turkey as a lean animal, the leaner, porkier side of it has been the best turkey to cook for centuries.

But you can use anything that’s been smoked or roasted to make turkey for the Thanksgiving table.

Just make sure to get the right type of turkey.

If you want a turkey that is not marbled or hard, get a boneless turkey thigh.

For the leanest turkey, get an older turkey, like the chestnut-colored chestnut.

The skin is the most tender, but there are many other varieties of turkey available.

The same goes for boneless roast beef.

If your turkey is too lean to be smoked, use ground turkey.

Roasted turkey is great because it is leaner and cheaper than smoked turkey.

This makes the turkey easy to grill and eat.

If the roast is too tough to handle, you can buy a turkey grinder or roast a whole roast.

If it’s not too tough, you may want to use an oven grinder instead of a turkey-grinder.

For a turkey with a bit of fat in it, use a thick-cut, deep-fried turkey.


Get a nice roast turkey 3.

If possible, get turkey legs.

They are the best part of any turkey.

Leg meat is much easier to remove than breast meat, so you can get a great turkey leg on the table with a few easy cuts.

But don’t let leg meat get in the way of your dinner.

Try carving it up and eating it on the side.

The more you carve it, the more you get out of it.

Leg meats are a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

If a turkey is tender and tender-tender, you want it on a stick or a plate with a side of mashed potatoes and mashed potatoes chips.

If all you have is leg meat, you probably don’t need a big plate.

If that’s the case, get the tender side of the thigh.

Make sure it is the same size as the thigh you’re trying to eat.


Get some cranberries and potatoes to add to your Thanksgiving meal 4.

You’ll want to keep the vegetables fresh during the week to keep them from drying out.

Get them fresh from the farmer’s market and put them in your refrigerator or freezer.

The vegetables can be used in any of your Thanksgiving dinners.

They’re the best option because they’re inexpensive and they can be cooked ahead of time.

To prepare vegetables for Thanksgiving, you will need a couple of different things: A container for storing the vegetables.

A bowl for storing them.

A lid.

For this recipe, I used a glass container and put a little of the leftover cranberries on the lid.

I put a lid on the bowl to keep it in place.

To freeze your vegetables, you need a few different things.

You will need: A small jar of frozen cranberries for the leftovers.

A small bowl for holding the vegetables in.

A spoon or a knife to scoop the vegetables out of the bowl.

A couple of ice cubes to cool the vegetables before adding them to the bowl of vegetables.


Add the potatoes and cranberries to the leftover cranberries 5.

Place the lid on your jar of vegetables and set the lid aside to cool for a couple hours.


After a couple days, you should have enough vegetables to last you through the whole Thanksgiving season 7.

If not, start over!

If you’ve never made turkey before, don’t worry, you don’t have to.

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to make the best Thanksgiving dinner for you and your family.


Find out how to roast a turkey to get it to the right texture 9.

You may also want to check out my guide on making an excellent roast turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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