How to stay fit at Western dining hall

Posted February 18, 2019 05:12:38 Western dining halls across the country are preparing to host a healthy meal, as they introduce a healthy option to their menu.

The Australian restaurant chain is introducing a new menu item on the menu for the rest of the year.

Western dining hall has been a pioneer in healthful dining, with a menu of healthy foods and drink, including salads, wraps, breads and more.

Its not just the menu that is different, it’s also the food.

The healthy option is on offer for all of the Western dining rooms at the Westfield Adelaide Centre.

Western will have an alternative to the menu item at the Western Melbourne and Perth branches of the Westfields, which are in the process of opening up their doors for a new healthy menu.

A Westfield spokesperson said the restaurant chain was introducing a healthy menu for Western dining houses to allow them to offer more options for guests to choose from.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of our food, which includes the new healthy option, and we’ll be offering more options at the new Western Melbourne branch,” the spokesperson said.

Western’s health menu is comprised of items that are healthier than what is currently on offer at Western Melbourne, including a full breakfast menu, and salad, wraps and breads.

It will be available to patrons at the Perth branch of the company starting next month.

“Western’s healthy menu is a natural progression for us, with more and more of our customers choosing healthier options and it’s great to see the progression,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“The Western Melbourne Westfield is offering a variety of healthy options to complement our existing offerings.”

Our Healthy menu is designed to provide guests with a variety options for healthy food and drink to ensure they’re fully prepared to enjoy their meal.

“The spokesperson said Western was working closely with the Western Australian Government and the Victorian Government to develop the new menu.

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