When the GOP takes on the Dems again, it won’t be easy

As the midterm election approaches, the party’s focus will be on a key demographic group: Democrats.

If there’s a chance the party can pull off a big upset in 2018, that demographic group could be a key force in the 2016 election.

And it’s not hard to see how the party could make an impression.

While the GOP’s advantage among women has long been underwhelming, that’s changing, according to a new poll released on Monday.

The survey from The Washington Post and Public Policy Polling, released Monday, found that men are more likely than women to say they plan to vote for Democrats in 2018.

But that gender gap has narrowed over the past decade, and it remains a strong predictor of which party the next president will vote for.

And the poll finds a similar pattern in other important voting groups.

Men are more inclined to vote Democratic than women.

And men are about twice as likely as women to support the Democratic Party.

Women are also less likely than men to say that their vote will determine the outcome of the election.

Women’s party is also far more likely to be perceived as a party that is inclusive and diverse, while men’s party has historically been viewed as one that is exclusively white and male.

As the midterm elections approach, the GOP will need to build on its strong showing in 2018 and win back the House in 2020.

But in order to do so, it will need a strong turnout among young voters.

And if it can’t attract more young voters, the Republican Party could find itself in a situation similar to 2016.

In the past, the Democratic party had a relatively strong base among young people, and Democrats generally had more electoral success with this demographic group in the presidential election.

But as Trump took office and the party struggled to attract young voters to the polls, the number of young voters dropped from 43 percent of eligible voters in the 2014 midterms to just 29 percent in 2016.

For Democrats, a key factor in 2020 is that millennials are more open to new policies than previous generations, according the poll.

For instance, nearly half of millennials support expanding Social Security, compared to just 36 percent in 2014.

And millennials also overwhelmingly support making college free.

In the Senate, the poll found that the Democratic advantage among white voters has grown from 10 points in 2014 to 16 points now.

However, that trend has not translated to a similar increase among minorities.

While white voters are more conservative on the issue of race, they are still more likely — 46 percent — to say the party should not try to change race relations in the country.

White voters are also more likely today to say “they are not confident that the party will win in 2020” than they were in 2014, with 44 percent saying that about the Democratic and 35 percent saying it about the Republican.

The numbers for Latinos, meanwhile, have remained fairly stable over the last decade.

Hispanics’ views of the Democratic candidate are still much more positive than those of other groups.

In 2014, 53 percent of Hispanics said they were “somewhat” or “quite” confident that Democrats would win in a general election, compared with just 22 percent today.

And in 2016, just 36% said the same, compared in 2016 to 30 percent today and just 28 percent in 2018 when Trump won the White House.

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