The Indian restaurant is now offering a range of different types of Indian food for its customers

The Indian Restaurant in the Burke dining halls is finally making its way to the West and the first things it is doing is adding a whole range of Indian dishes to its menu.

The new addition is a selection of ‘desserts’ for its clients, including mango cake, sweet mango pudding, mango sorbet and mango buttercream.

The Burke has been serving its traditional mango cake since the 1950s and has a rich history of serving a wide range of local cuisine including bhaji chutneys, coconut cakes, pappamakar and many other types of cakes.

Now, its looking like it will be making its comeback in the West too, and its opening on December 7 will be its first Western restaurant in the US.

Burke’s owners, Mitesh Pandey and Raman Natarajan, who are from the same town, said they were looking forward to serving their Indian-inspired cakes and sweets to their customers.

“Our customers want to try something new, so we have decided to offer a wide variety of Indian desserts,” Pandey said.

“We will have different types and flavors to cater to every taste.

We also have a range that will be suitable for guests who want to experience the best of Indian cuisine.”

The concept is similar to what we have done in our Burkes in the past.

The main difference is that we are not trying to replicate the old recipes.

We are offering a variety of flavours and different flavours that our customers can choose from.

“The Burkes are a chain of five restaurants in Sydney that has a menu of over 30 different Indian dishes.

The Indian restaurants, which are located in the popular Burke neighbourhood, have also been a staple in Sydney’s CBD.

Mitesh and Ramana Pandey were the first to open the Burkes, in 2003, and have since expanded to include other locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart.

Mitationsh said the idea of adding Indian dishes into its menu came from the Indian community in the community.”

We were looking for something to add to the Indian menu that is not being served here in the city, which is why we came up with the idea to open a restaurant,” he said.”

I think it’s something that the community in Sydney would like to see, as well.

“Miteshr said he was not aware of any other restaurant in Sydney to offer such a wide selection of Indian cooking.”

There are a lot of places out there, but not many that serve such a diverse range of dishes,” he explained.”

As a family-run business, we are trying to cater for everyone.

We do not cater to just any customers.

We cater to our regulars and we hope to serve our guests something unique that they will enjoy.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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