‘We’re trying to keep the food prices as low as possible’: restaurant owners

In a statement, the restaurant industry association said that its members are not opposed to the idea of lowering the food costs at some restaurants.

It said that some of the restaurant owners are asking for more than others and that the group is working with them to develop a plan to meet that demand.

The statement said it has received a lot of feedback from its members, but the members of the association are still waiting to see the final price tag.

The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA) said it is concerned about the proposed price cuts, but said that it believes the proposal will be implemented with a fair and reasonable price increase.

“While the proposal does not address the problem of oversupply and food safety, we are encouraged that the Government is exploring options that will address this issue,” said CRFA president and CEO Steve Taylor in a statement.

“The proposal would provide the industry with an opportunity to reduce the prices at some of its most profitable locations while at the same time ensuring that Canadians can continue to eat at some locations without fear of foodborne illness or safety.”

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