kaufman dining hall


How to cook at the dinner table, even if you’re not a chef

When you think about cooking, what comes to mind is something that’s been done to a dog.The thing that comes to your mind is the dog that was eating the food, or the dog you were eating with, or...

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Food List

When can I go to the Waukegan WCu dining hall?

Waukesha, Wisconsin (CNN) — When can you go to Waukelburg WCu’s dining hall when you’re there?When it opens for business next year.The Waukeshire Department of Food and Agriculture (WDFA) announced on Thursday that Wauchope will reopen as a new...

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‘We’re trying to keep the food prices as low as possible’: restaurant owners

In a statement, the restaurant industry association said that its members are not opposed to the idea of lowering the food costs at some restaurants.It said that some of the restaurant owners are asking for more than others and...

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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