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How to stay on top of Marchetti’s dinner events and specials in Toronto

If you’ve spent any time at Marchetti’s dining halls over the past few years, you’ll be aware that the Italian chain’s menu has always been very varied.There’s pasta with a bit of a twist, grilled fish or shrimp and...

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Which restaurants are getting a Valentine’s Day upgrade?

Posted January 11, 2018 07:04:56 The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs says a restaurant can get a Valentine treat from the food court, while another can get an upgrade to a new dining room.New restaurants will get...

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Which of these are the best restaurants in Wcu?

The Modern Dining Hall at Winslow is one of the better restaurants in town.It’s been in operation for almost a decade and it’s a gem that’s been a fixture in the Wcu dining scene since its opening.It has been...

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Food List

How to install a modern dining room at a college dorm

There’s a new modern dining option in town: a college room that can accommodate up to six people.The idea is to offer a mix of modern and traditional dining options, with some added modern touches, like an air-conditioned kitchen.The...

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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