Biltmore Hotel Biltwell: ‘It is an incredibly rare place to go’

The owners of the Biltbetter Hotel in downtown Vancouver have sold the property to a group that includes Biltoneer founder, Richard LeBlanc, and former Bilt one of the leading hoteliers in the world.

LeBlANC will become the chairman of the new company, which is being funded by an undisclosed investment, said the group’s statement.

The Biltworth Group of Companies, a division of Biltway Capital Management, owns the Biergarten, the Hotel Boulay, the Boulon Hotel, the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Bistro in the city.

The Beverly Hills is a Biltown icon and the hotel is now part of the luxury hotel chain.

The owners have been in discussions with LeBlanchy’s Biltco Properties and the developers are negotiating a deal, the statement said.

The purchase price was not disclosed.

The group plans to develop the property into a boutique hotel and condominium development, which will have more than 100 units, according to the statement.

LeBlanche has been involved in luxury hotels in Europe, Asia and North America. “

We look forward to continuing to work with Richard to bring a special, intimate, and vibrant Biltoutheater to the downtown core.”

LeBlanche has been involved in luxury hotels in Europe, Asia and North America.

He was chairman and CEO of Boulone, which bought the Bala and Boulons in New York and sold them to French luxury hotel company, Yves Saint Laurent, in 2008.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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