Why you might want to skip lunch at Dartmouth

It’s an unusual lunch time in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

But if you’re in the city, chances are you’re not in the dining hall of Dartmouth College, home of Harvard University, where students are busy preparing for their annual Thanksgiving Day feast.

And that’s no coincidence.

The dining hall is also the headquarters of the US Department of Agriculture, where, among other things, it runs the world’s largest grain-fed cattle operation.

That’s why, for this Thanksgiving, the dining room at the university’s flagship dining hall has been closed to the public, except for staff.

The only exception to this rule is the dining halls cafeteria, which remains open for lunch and dinner.

So, why do people still want to eat there on Thanksgiving Day?

And, more importantly, why are we still allowed to eat at Dartmouth?

The answer is simple: because food is important to Dartmouth College.

In fact, it is so important that a cafeteria is built into the campus’ main building, which is home to the university and its flagship dining room.

As the university prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, Dartmouth has become the most prominent dining institution in the country to serve turkey.

The campus’ cafeteria serves roughly 1.3 million people a day, according to a 2016 report by the Harvard Center for Education and Research.

That figure has remained constant over the last century.

In 2017, it surpassed the dining facilities of other colleges and universities in Massachusetts, which includes Harvard, by more than 200,000.

In its annual report on food and dining, the Harvard Crimson reported that Dartmouth was the No. 1 school in the nation for serving turkey on Thanksgiving.

The college’s dining hall serves more than 5 million people daily.

The school is also home to a bustling campus of about 1.4 million students, the largest in the state.

It has a total enrollment of nearly 14,000, and the dining rooms at Dartmouth’s main dining hall are full more often than not.

So it makes sense that students would want to attend the school’s dining halls.

It’s also the only one of its many colleges that serves turkey on its campus.

The students who eat there are not restricted to dining halls, either.

Students can eat in the cafeteria as well, which has become a popular place to hang out during the holidays.

It is also a popular spot to meet people outside of school.

At Dartmouth, students and staff can also get a glimpse into the food industry.

In the cafeteria, there are more than a dozen tables of food that are prepared by food service staff.

They are the centerpiece of a dining hall called the “Bourbon Room,” which serves more, or perhaps less, than 500 people a week.

The room has a large bar with a small counter where students can eat and socialize.

And when it comes to cooking, there’s even a food station in the building.

Dartmouth is a small, relatively wealthy college that serves about 3.3% of its students from a total of about 2.7 million students in all.

And while its students have made it through the years, Dartmouth’s dining room has served as the heart of the university for years.

As a food institution, Dartmouth must be able to offer a wide range of dining options to its students.

So the food has to be delicious, but the school also needs to keep costs low.

For this, it’s been a challenge to offer the most popular meal to students.

Dinner at Dartmouth is not without its critics.

Many are critical of the school for catering to a large number of students who are hungry for the holiday, but Dartmouth also has a long history of serving the most diverse group of students on campus: students from minority and low-income backgrounds.

It also has long been a place where students of color can meet and interact with one another, a fact that has made Dartmouth a favorite destination for students from other parts of the country.

In some ways, the school has been a beacon of inclusion.

For instance, in 2014, the college was named one of the “Top 100 Universities for Black and Latino Students” by the Student Government Association of the United States, a group of schools that are generally considered elite in their race and ethnicity.

For the last decade, students have been able to choose from more than 50 different types of food.

Many students opt for the traditional American fare, such as turkey or turkey soup.

Others opt for other kinds of food, such the “traditional” American fare.

And still others go the extra mile, such in sourcing local and organic food.

While some of these choices may seem obvious, Dartmouth College’s dining dining hall menu is actually not so much about the food as it is about the atmosphere and the way it is designed.

It seems as if the dining is being made to order, with meals being ordered in advance.

It feels more like a small restaurant, where you can see what’s on the menu and how it

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