10 best food courts in Melbourne – 2016

You can’t go wrong with Melbourne’s dining halls.

And when it comes to food, there’s something for everyone, with restaurants from all over the world serving up their best dishes.

Here are the 10 best restaurants in Melbourne.

Barry’s restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD.

Photo: Simon Schluter It’s a place where everything you need to make a good meal is right in front of you, where everything’s made fresh and you can choose from the perfect combination of ingredients, and where the staff are so friendly, you can be sure they’ll be happy to help you.

And the food is always tasty, with a menu that’s packed with delicious choices.

Best restaurant in Victoria: Barry’s Brockenwell restaurant in the Melbourne CBD.

It was once the seat of the late Melbourne cricket great and current Victorian Premier, Bob Carr, and was once known as the country’s first Michelin-starred restaurant.

It’s now part of the iconic Brockenwell Group, with two Michelin stars and a host of award-winning dishes.

Porchetta in Melbourne, which has a Michelin star and has been rated one of the best in the world by the Restaurant Association of Australia.

Photo by Paul Rovere.

The Porchetta is a family-owned and operated Italian restaurant in north-west Melbourne.

The menu includes dishes like “Porzetta”, which is a spicy meat and egg pasta dish, with vegetables and a creamy sauce, and “Sotto” with lamb, mushrooms and ricotta cheese.

It is also available with a vegetarian option.

Melbourne’s Michelin starred restaurants.

Photo courtesy of MFA Victoria.

It also offers an extensive menu of wine and beer, as well as wine and cocktails.

The Porchetas also offers a Micheline award-winner pizza, a great-tasting Italian sandwich and a vegetarian pizza, which is also well worth a visit.

A delicious pasta dish with vegetables, rice and bread.

Photo via Michelin.

Melbourne is also famous for its amazing food and the best restaurants here serve up some of the city’s best food.

Here’s a list of the 10 restaurants with the best food in Melbourne that will blow your mind.

Chicagoland’s best restaurant in Australia: El Cortelyo, in Sydney’s CBD (pictured)  If you want something different from what’s in Sydney or Melbourne, then El Cortezlyo is the place to be.

Located in the city of Sydney’s central business district, El Corteslyo offers a wide range of cuisines and flavours to choose from.

You can try its traditional Mexican dishes like enchiladas and burritos, as the city-state’s first-ever Mexican restaurant.

There are also some interesting flavours for the casual eater, like a tasty dish with smoked salmon and grilled lamb.

If that’s not enough, the restaurant offers an award-nominated chicken taco and an Italian-style pizza.

More of Sydney, and even more of Australia, to go with its Michelin world-class dining.

Photo from Michelin listing.

Melbournians can also take in the incredible sights at El Cortey, which offers a variety of views from a balcony.

Desserts are also on offer, with desserts at the restaurant including a chocolate bar and a chocolate ice cream bar.

And there’s plenty of space to enjoy a meal of your choice.

For more on the best dining experiences in Australia, see our guide to dining in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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